A while back, I started making 'demo pages' that were really just glorified status reports of what I was currently working on for my development group at Red Hat. After the first few, they grew into a way of sharing simple development demos with the remote Red Hat offices. They've also proved popular outside Red Hat so I've kept making them.

Audio ML demo pages

RNNoise: Learning Noise Suppression (20170927)
LPCNet: DSP-Boosted Neural Speech Synthesis (20181120)
A Real-Time Wideband Neural Vocoder at 1.6 kb/s Using LPCNet (20190329)

AV1 demo pages

Next Generation Video: AV1, Part 1: Chroma from Luma (20180429)
Next Generation Video: AV1, Part 2: Constrained Directional Enhancement Filter (20180626)

Opus demo pages

CELT introduction and development update 20101223 (demo1)
Opus 64kbpit listening test 20110414 (page by Greg Maxwell)
Opus update 20130712: 1.1 Beta Release (demo 3)
Opus update 20170620: 1.2 Release (demo 4)
Opus update 20180918: 1.3 Release (demo 5)

Daala demo pages

Next Generation Video: Introducing Daala, Part 1 (20130620)
Introducing Daala, Part 2: Frequency Domain Intra Prediction (20130723)
Introducing Daala, Part 3: Time/Frequency Resolution Switching (20130812)
Introducing Daala, Part 4: Chroma from Luma (20131017)
Daala, Part 5: Painting Images For Fun and Profit (20140924)
Intra-paint writeup by Jean-Marc Valin
Daala, Part 6: Perceptual Vector Quantization (20141119)
PVQ writeup by Jean-Marc Valin
Daala progress update 20141223: Still Images
Daala Blog-Like Post 20150325: Bug or Feature
Daala progress update 20160406: Deringing for Daala and beyond
A new deringing filter demo by Jean-Marc Valin
Daala progress update 20160606: Revisiting Daala Technology Demos
Evaluating what's worked and what hasn't, by Jean-Marc Valin

Xiph articles and videos

24/192 music downloads ...and why they make no sense
Video Episode 1: A Digital Media Primer for Geeks
Video Episode 2: Digital Show & Tell

Ghost demo pages

Ghost introduction 20110113 (demo1)
Ghost update 20110401: Chirps and Other Modulations (demo2)
Ghost update 20110604: Death By Graphs (demo3)
Ghost update 20111117: Chirp selection and tracking (demo4)

Vorbis surround optimization demo pages

Vorbis (Everywhere) surround work update 20100218 (demo1)
Vorbis (Everywhere) surround work update 20100311 (demo2)
Vorbis (Everywhere) surround work update 20100326 (demo3)

Theora (Thusnelda and Ptalarbvorm) Demo pages

Theora (the push for 1.0) update (demo1)
Theora (Thusnelda) update 20080320 (demo2)
Theora (Thusnelda) update 20080605 (demo3)
Theora (Thusnelda) update 20080703 (demo4)
Theora (Thusnelda) update 20080724 (demo5)
Theora (Thusnelda) update 20090402 (demo6)
Theora (Thusnelda) update 20090507 (demo7)
Theora (Thusnelda) update 20090820 (demo8)
Theora (Ptalarbvorm) update 20100518 (demo9)

Other Xiph-related blog-like objects